New Client Questionnaire – Video Virtual Assistant

Are You a Coach, a Speaker, an Entrepreneur,
or an Author in need of Video Editing Services?
If You’re Looking for a Video Virtual Assistant, I’m Ready to Roll Up My Sleeves and Get to Work for You!

I’m currently only taking on video projects. They could be for sales & marketing, promotion, video products to sell or giveaway, and video tutorials you need created. Whatever video you need done, I can do.

Pricing will depend on your project type.

If you want me to create a video for you, then take a look at the video creation pricing here.

Non-scripted Videos – The absolute simplest video project: If I’m NOT going through your video and cleaning up any mistakes, this really cuts down on time and will save you money. With this type of video project I could be putting on your provided intro/outro and adding your provided music, but I’m not adding any other bells and whistles, then this project would be priced on hourly rates. An example of this type of video project is where you’ve recorded your screen as you’re demoing something, and you are talking as you’re going along.

I offer discounted paid-in-advance rate packages found here. Or my regular, non-packaged hourly rate is $85, with a down payment of the estimated project time.

Important Note: You will receive a confirmation email if the form has been successfully submitted.

Upon receipt, I will contact you to get started on gathering additional details, although depending on what’s going on it might take a few days. I will do my best to contact you within 2 biz days.

Thank you for your interest in the servicesĀ  I provide. I hope we have a long and engaging relationship.


Note: I reserve the right to select the types of businesses I am comfortable in working with. If a business type inches past my comfort zone, sorry. Certain industries make it difficult for me to do a good job for you because the nature of them block my creativity and thought processes. As a result, I would not be an effective person to work on your projects. Please don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me.