Video Partner Packages

Are your clients hungry for video services?
Are they asking about using videos in their business and marketing?
Do they create webinars and tutorials that need cleaning up and polishing?

And … Are you looking for another stream of income?

If your answer is YES, then I’d love to chat. I am looking to develop a few strategic partnerships with PR and marketing agencies, virtual assistants, virtual assistant teams, and other like-minded marketing businesses. 

As a partner of yours, I would become part of your virtual team, and all work I do for your clients comes through your company. Kind of like a white-listed service. I work directly with your clients, and you are always part of the communication loop where you can lend your expertise where needed and feedback throughout.

If you prefer to refer clients to me instead of becoming a partner, then I would send you a referral fee for those you send my way who purchase.

Partners actively market the video services, and referrers don’t necessarily want to. Partners get a lot of free and reduced priced video services and products from me for your own business, as well as periodic freebie giveaways for your clients as enticements.

I want to bring my video expertise to you or your clients and not only help them master video, but enable you to make some extra income along the way.

Why? Because videos are huge now and businesses need to be utilizing them.  However, many just aren’t.  Whether it is fear or just not enough time to do them, it’s a fact that many just aren’t taking advantage of this amazing marketing strategy.  And because of this they are losing out on income, clients, and just being more successful.

I’d love to discuss how I can help because video is content marketing on steroids.

What makes up a video? As a vehicle to deliver your message, a video is a series of cohesive scenes telling your message or story. Each scene is made up of a variety of elements, which can include things such as text, pictures, graphics, video clips, animated motion graphics and characters, music, sound effects, visual special effects, etc.

They are promotional, educational, humorous, simple, dramatic, inspirational…there’s a place for everything in the visually stimulating world of video.

Along with being able to provide your clients with custom videos, here are some very appealing packages that will allow them to increase the professionalism of their message and enhance branding, with little to no effort. Keep in mind in many of these cases, we are taking what they already have and making it work better!

Together, we can bring your clients vision to life to help them deliver their message in style.

I can create videos for all different business needs including:

  • Branding videos – show off your logo and business
  • Webinars – charge more for your webinars because of the polished appearance or just look 100% better.
  • Book videos – Sell your book best with a professional video, add to media kit, pitches, etc.
  • Holiday Videos – Year-round ways to get your logo and brand in front of your audience
  • Speakers and Coaches Video – Showcase yourself in action speaking or giving tip advice.
  • Real Estate Videos – What better way to show off your properties than with a professional video.
  • And so much more.

For more information on the videos I provide click here. (


The Video Branding Package and Video Quotes/Thoughts/Tips Package are all custom elements and there is a wide variety of design styles ranging from soft and simple to bold and dramatic. Basically, there isn’t a style that cannot be created, and it’s always based on what the client wants. The examples provided below will give you an idea of variety, but it’s certainly not limited to what is shown.

1) *Video Branding Package 1 (23 done-for-you reusable video elements):

  • 1 animated Logo Intro – (usually under 10 seconds) ~EXAMPLES~
  • 1 animated closing Outro – with info like you would put on a business card – (approx. 5-10 seconds) ~EXAMPLES~
  • Up to 5 animated Lower Thirds with your name, company name, website url, or phone number, etc. ~EXAMPLES~
  • Up to 5 Animated Calls-to-action – such as “Call us at xxx”, “Sign up for our xxx”, “Connect with us via Social Media” (approx. 5-10 seconds) ~EXAMPLES~
  • Up to 10 Animated Titles/Segment separators of the same style – matching preferred style and branding – (usually 3-5 seconds) ~EXAMPLES~
  • 5 Pattern Interrupt animations – Pattern interrupts are small, unexpected actions that offer an element of surprise and jolts focus back to the topic. Bold and quick animations usually using your logo or other element such as a lower third, a question, a tip, an image, an illustration, an animated character or prop, etc. (approx. 3-10 seconds) ~EXAMPLES~

*Brilliant Idea Alert: Imagine how polished a recorded webinar would be by adding elements from this branding package to it?  The end result will be a sellable product a client would be proud of and might even enable them to charge more for their webinars because of the polished appearance.

OR if you are not sure what you would use all those video elements for, select the Video Branding Starter Package instead. You can always add one or more of the a-la-carte items now or later.

Video Branding Starter Package: (3-7 done-for-you reusable video elements):

  • 1 animated Logo Intro
  • 1 animated closing Outro
  • Up to 5 animated Lower Thirds

A-la-carte packs:

  • Up to 5 Animated Calls-to-action
  • Up to 10 Animated Titles/Segment separators of the same style
  • 5 Pattern Interrupt animations

2) *Video Quotes/Thoughts/Tips package 1:

  • 10 animated quotes, thoughts, or quick tips in the same or different design styles of animated text on moving background, with your logo/branding, and with music and voiceover. Using your provided text or select from my list of inspirational/positive quotes. (Approx. 5-15 seconds) ~EXAMPLES (with and without voiceover)~

Note: the voiceover could be in your own recorded voice, or from another resource that I provide. The option is yours. Sometimes it’s good to have them be in your own voice, for branding purposes. It’s not necessary, but it is something you might want to think about. You can also choose for there not to be any voiceover.

3) Holiday Video package 1: 6 videos of pre-designed selections – Partner pricing available on request

  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Patriotic (Memorial Day, US July 4th )
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas/New Year

Partner Sales Material:

I provide everything you need to build this part of your business revenue stream. My hope is that you will use the marketing content I provide to market your video services each month. Here is an example of what you will receive:

Downloadable Video Partner Sales Package includes many marketing tools you can use:

  • Several blog articles about video marketing and using video
  • 10 social media graphics about Video Marketing in 2017
  • 2 videos about video marketing – each in a male and female voiceover
  • 2 infographics
  • Webpage copy
  • Sizzle Reels (stylish upbeat compilation videos of examples)
  • Dozens of ready-to-go video focused text snips for social posts, drip emails, and to create images.

If you’re interested in teaming up with me and becoming a partner, please contact me and we can talk about the details to see if there’s a good fit together.

Let’s do this!


*Partner pricing information available on request