What Can Twitter Do For Your Offline Business?

what-can-twitter-do-for-your-offline-businessWhile your business may be a strictly brick and mortar business, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to go where the consumers are – and increasingly, this is online. Web based tools like Twitter can help you to get the attention of consumers and build your business, even if your activities are entirely offline.

When marketing for your offline business, don’t limit yourself by neglecting the opportunities offered by the World Wide Web. Online marketing can help your offline business to grow and thrive in an ever more competitive economy.

Your small business has used a lot of different marketing strategies already. You’ve used word of mouth, direct marketing and print ads to raise the profile of your business. These methods have managed to build a loyal customer base for your business and even if you’re already doing well, tapping into online marketing tools can do even more for your company.

There are plenty of people who will never see your local newspaper ads or attend the trade shows where your business displays its products. Many of these people, however, can be reached with social networking and other communication tools like Twitter.

You can and should join the growing number of small business owners who are using Twitter to get the word out about their offerings. Twitter provides a quick and easy way to communicate with current and prospective customers and can help to grow your business.

Twitter is of course primarily used as a tool for socialization with friends, family and just seeing what other people have on their minds. You can choose to follow the feeds of people who post tweets you find interesting. These people may be potential customers who could be interested in the products and services your business offers. Local consumers can learn about your business through Twitter and even if your business doesn’t lend itself to e-commerce, you will want to create a webpage which tells consumers where to find you; you can link to this site in your tweets.

Twitter is a great customer service tool which allows you to receive and respond to the concerns of your customers in short order. Your business may be offline, but it’s a safe bet that many of your customers are online and using Twitter. It saves you a lot of time which could otherwise be spent answering questions over the phone or by email. Best of all, you can use Twitter from any mobile phone that is able to send and receive text messages, so you can stay in touch with your customers while you’re out and about.

Twitter may be an online service, but it offers a lot of useful applications to offline businesses. Whether for customer service, to get the word out about promotions or anything else, Twitter can be a great help to your business.



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