Video Marketing Techniques to Convert Viewers Into Buyers

Your videos may have plenty of views, but what do you do when, despite your efforts, the campaign isn’t yielding any return on your investment or any return at all? Take a look at some of these tips to learn how to transform idle viewers into actively engaged buyers.

Show the Viewer Benefits, not Just Details

The most compelling advertisements will illustrate the benefits of a product, not just the details and features. For example, take a closer look the next time you see a weight loss commercial on television. Generally you’ll notice that either through imagery or even spoken word, the benefits of the product are being described. Showing an attractive lady looking and feeling confident in a swimsuit tells you very little about the details of how the product works pharmaceutically, but it very clearly demonstrates the end goal and why the viewer should make a purchase.

This concept doesn’t just apply to the weight loss niche, it will improve your video marketing campaigns no matter what niche you are trying to target. Assume your campaign’s goal is to sell web design services to small businesses. The focus shouldn’t necessarily be on the technical specifications of the service such as what programs and applications the designer is proficient in. Instead, the focus should be on examples of other small businesses who have had a positive increase in sales, lead generation, or any other measurable data as a result of the web design service. In almost any niche you might promote, you should expect that the viewer wants to hear a little bit about how the product works, but will ultimately be more interested in buying if they are presented with the benefits.

Use Compelling Imagery

The use of shocking or unusual pictures to grab a viewer’s attention is nothing new in advertising, and video marketing is no different. This doesn’t mean that you should show your audience something disgusting or horrifying and then suddenly tell them about your product. That doesn’t exactly make for a smooth segue. Instead, you can use interesting, compelling imagery to captivate your viewers as well as inform them about the benefits of owning your product.

For example, think of truck commercials. Generally, the advertiser wants to instill the idea that with the vehicle on offer, the owner can travel through beautiful mountainous areas and confidently go anywhere off-road. This is more effective than showing the truck driving around an urban environment, which is most likely what most owners of the vehicle will use it for the vast majority of the time. It is the engaging imagery of the mountain terrain that gives the viewer the sensation of freedom and reliability, not the product itself.

Utilize Appropriate Audio Clips

Think of your favorite movie. It could be action, drama, or whatever genre you enjoy. Now try and imagine what it would be like without a soundtrack. The camera pans over a raging battlefield of warriors fighting for their lives, except the epic orchestral music underlining this exciting scene is suddenly absent – it takes something away from the scene, doesn’t it? Using music or audio samples in your video marketing can transform the lackluster into a blockbuster.

These are just a few simple tips to keep your video marketing content engaging enough so that your viewers will eventually want to purchase your product or avail of the services you are offering. Follow them and see the difference they can make to your campaign’s conversion rates.



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