How to Use Videos for Building Your Business and Brand – An Ideas Checklist

A Quick Guide to Video Marketing for Small Business

video marketingHow confident are you in your video content marketing strategy? If you aren’t sure about how to get it right, you aren’t alone. You don’t have to be a “natural” to have success in this area. You just have to learn what to do and where to start.

All of your video content marketing on the internet should cultivate an eager awareness about your brand. Your fans should be on the lookout for new content, excitedly awaiting your next videos and blog posts. This sort of attention is hard to get, but it’s lucrative once you have it.

Use video content to reinforce your brand image in your audience’s mind.

Building Habits

You want to be the top brand in your niche. That means doing more than posting memes every now and then. You need to deliver quality text, photo, and video content on a regular basis.

Get your viewers into the habit of watching your content. If they know that your brand maintains an active content schedule, they’ll regularly check up on your pages. Many small businesses succeed by posting one new piece of quality content per week.

Video Marketing Basics

You might be asking yourself how to get started using more videos for your business, right?

Let’s face it. Everyone could use some inspiration on how they can incorporate more videos into their business messaging and conversations. Use this list to get you thinking about how to start.

  1. Welcome Video for your website home page
  2. Product or Service Description Videos
  3. The Top Ten
  4. Promotional
  5. Sales Video
  6. Sizzle Reel
  7. Tutorials/Teaching/Webinar
  8. Testimonials
  9. Interview series
  10. Live video recordings

For a deeper dive into each one of these, read about them here.

What are Ways I Can Use Video For My Business?

These are just a few ideas explaining how video can be used to enhance your company online marketing efforts, increase sales, build your brand, and grow your business:

Company Introduction Video or Welcome Video – introduce yourself, your business, and your business philosophy to potential clients.

Video can be used for:

  • Company Promo video, to include –
    • Philosophy
    • Team
    • History
    • Products – Services
    • Process
    • Growth
    • Geographic target
    • Infographics
    • Portfolio
    • Clients
    • Location
    • Social Media
  • Promoting a service or product – including Product Introductions and new Services. Do you run monthly or quarterly promotions? Create a video for each one. Consider creating a series of demo videos if you want to show potential clients how your product, service, or tool works.
  • Build Brand Awareness – and generate Fresh Interest in your business.
  • Promoting an event – Compilation videos are great for this.
  • Announcing changes in your business – Including awards, recognition, and press/news.
  • Create behind-the-scenes videos to your business and products.
  • Coaches and Consultants: promote your programs by dripping out value content on a few key topics you typically include in your paid products. Use question-based content to incite an emotional trigger.
  • Authors: promote your book or eBook with a book trailer video.
  • Speakers: promote the events you participate in to get more gigs.
  • Real Estate Agents: promote yourself – and the properties you represent.
  • Video is easily the BEST way to create a Personal Connection in the impersonal world of Online Marketing. As mentioned above, video is the most effective tool for generating Conversions on your Website or at your Online Store.
  • Describing your client’s pain points – and your solution to resolve their pain. Ideally, you would have a different video for each pain point you have a solution for. These should be Benefits-based videos, illustrating WHY they should work with you.
    • Create a series of tips, techniques, or tricks that are common for, or unique to, your business or industry.
    • Do videos for each of your FAQ questions – You do have an FAQ page on your website, right? These are about awareness and solving problems. Also great for answering questions your clients and audience are asking you. A great idea is to host monthly Q&A webinars that you record and post. To make it a very productive webinar, ask for the questions a week in advance to allow you an opportunity to gather information and prepare your responses.
    • Get to the point: create single-topic videos addressing a specific need, problem, question, or issue.
    • Create video products, webinars, and tutorials for your clients to purchase, or to put into your membership site.
    • Video record live interviews you host, and post them on your website and social media channels.
  • Top-of-Mind videos. Nurture videos. Credibility building videos. NOTE: It doesn’t always have to be about sales and marketing.

    • Blog post-to-video videos. Can be simple text-based, or with motion elements and images.
    • Do up-close-and-personal videos to let your potential clients get to know you better. Tell people your story, your history, why you’re passionate about what you do and who you help.
    • Video testimonials from satisfied clients.
    • Text testimonials turned into video (with voiceover or not)
    • If you’re at an event, take people along for the ride. A bit like those “man on the street” videos.
    • Have a little fun: use short memes infusing humor about your industry and topics.
    • Invite people into your world, your day, the highlights of what inspires you.
    • Send video greeting message for each holiday and observance you feel is relevant. Don’t forget to research the more unusual observances that might inject humor, and provide a thought-provoking message. Hint: there are at least 5 of these each month that most any industry can use to craft a message around. Check out my favorite website to look for these.
    • And don’t forget about celebrating the seasons via a short and sweet video message.
  • Short company promotional videos. Think 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds. Most anything less than 60 seconds could be considered as ideal for generating buzz about your business, or to use for TV ads.
    • Promote a sale you are having.
    • Montage of the events you’ve participated in, or that you have hosted. Create a Sizzle reel.
    • Montage of products you have available, clients you’ve helped, team pictures, etc.
    • Promote a product you’re launching.
    • Tap into the emotional needs of your potential clients.
    • Create buzz and excitement.

Insider’s Tip: Record EVERYTHING. You’ll be surprised what you will accumulate that can turn into a sellable product or a lead generation item. Then of course – USE IT!

Still confused about what to create videos about?
Download this list of VIDEO CONTENT STARTER IDEAS.

You’ll walk away with at least a year’s worth of video ideas.

You won’t get your video content strategy right on the first try. It takes time and experience to learn what your audience wants from you.

Try different kinds of content, different calls to action, and different video styles. You want to discover what works best for your brand. Try at least one new idea each month until you figure out your most effective techniques.

You have what it takes to be a great video marketer. These tactics can be challenging, but don’t stop when you get stumped. Keep working on your video marketing ideas until you see the results you want. And don’t forget to reach out to someone like me if you want some help with your video projects. I’m here to help you succeed!

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