How to Use Video to Re-engage Past Clients or Inactive Clients

How to Use Video to Re-engage Past Clients or Inactive Clients

How to re-engage clients

Video for Re-engagement and keep-in-touch campaigns

One thing that online marketing can do far better than traditional marketing methods is re-engaging old clients and prospects to make them new again. And, instead of another text-filled email barrage – video marketing can help you re-engage with old clients more effectively than other methods.

And with a little creativity you too can learn how to create a highly effective keep-in-touch loyalty campaign by re-engaging quiet clients or past clients through regular messaging with informative and thoughtful series of videos.

“As a strategy for nurture campaigns, keep-in-touch campaigns, and re-engagement campaigns, video has no equal for maximum reach and impact.”

If you are like most business owners, your focus is on client acquisition; the process of attracting and persuading potential customers to buy your products or services. Utilizing social media, blogging, list building, building up your thought leadership on relevant guest sites and video marketing – there are abundant opportunities for generating new traffic, converting new leads, and finding new prospects.

“And, of course, this makes a great deal of sense because, if you don’t grow your business you’ll surely fail.”

Based on the latest research, it’s 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current customer. In fact, 80% of your future profits will most likely come from 20% of your existing customers. These are just a couple of the reasons that creating customer loyalty is vital to your business.

Considering those stats, doesn’t it makes sense for you to make the effort to keep the loyalty fires stoked? And, by incorporating videos into your messaging, it’s not as hard as you might think.

“Growing your business should include nurturing existing clients, as well as securing new clients.”

And what about old prospects? What happened to the people who have engaged with your site in the past, contacted you previously, or maybe even purchased over the past few years? When’s the last time you worked to convert these folks into leads who will engage with your business right now?

After all, these are people who’ve told you that, at a minimum, they’re interested in what you have to offer, whether they bought in the past or not. Just because they’ve gone quiet doesn’t mean you can’t pull them back in by creating a video packed with timely information that will positively impact them.

Refocus Past Clients’ Interest with the Power of Video

If you think of past or inactive clients as dormant assets to your business, you’ll see their potential value more clearly. Why should you think of them this way? Because they’ve already proven their value:

  • They already know you and (hopefully) like you.
  • They understand your products and services, along with the value you provide.
  • They have paid you money in the past – and they may be willing to do it again!

These are all very good reasons to begin re-engaging with past clients. Here are a few more:

  • More than 90% of marketers are using video content in their marketing campaigns.
  • The word “video” in an email subject line increases the open rates by 19%.
  • The word “video” increases click-through rates by 65% and reduces the amount of email unsubscribers by 26%.

These are not insignificant numbers, and all of them combined should be more than enough to compel you to begin using video messaging as part of your marketing strategy.

Use A Keep-in-Touch Video Campaign to Nurture Past Clients

Few businesses remain stagnant over time, just as few clients have only one pain point that needs resolution. While your mix of products or services will likely shift and grow, so too will their needs change with time. For all you know, they need your newest service now more than ever, yet they have no idea you offer it!

There can be a variety of reasons clients leave or go dormant:

  • Their needs or interests have changed
  • Their problem has been solved
  • Your product list or service menu has changed
  • Your content has become to “Salesy”, with no new high-value information available
  • Lack of engagement has made them feel unappreciated or invisible

By re-engaging these former clients, you greatly improve your chances of converting them again, or even for the first time.

Video will Re-engage Past Clients on an Emotional Level

Give ‘em the feels!!!

Video engages your audience on a visceral and/or emotional level that most text and imagery simply can’t achieve. With video, you can make multiple impressions in a minimal amount of time. You can literally communicate in seconds what it might take minutes to read – minutes that your audience may not be otherwise willing to invest in your content.

Here are 5 ideas for easy to produce keep-in-touch videos that you can use to re-engage with past clients, or clients who’ve become quiet and shy:

1- Educational tips and techniques videos – Everyone loves to get free stuff. Sharing high-value information about important subjects in your niche will always be popular. Doing so will enhance your credibility as an expert; a thought-leader and Go-to source they can rely on.

This will also place you back at the top-of-mind for your past clients, folks who may have forgotten just how valuable your products or services were to them in the past.

And think about this for a minute: “How To” videos are one of the most searched phrases on YouTube. So, if you are creating videos and publishing them on YouTube, your new video has a very high chance of getting a ton of views and shares. You cannot go wrong when creating educational “How To” videos. #Bonus!

2- Inspirational and positive topic videos – Most people like to start their day reading or listening to positive messages in one form or another. More than likely you have at least a few things you like to tell your clients to regularly inspire them, give them hope and direction, provide courage to take the big leap, and generally put a smile on their face.

When done properly, video can provide the motivation, inspiration, and stimulation for your clients to act on their own behalf; by investing in a product or service that will resolve an issue that is causing them pain. The beauty of this approach is that it is rarely “salesy” and the audience won’t feel like they’re being pushed in a particular direction.

By providing them with options for resolving a problem, you also present them with the opportunity to choose your solution. Wrap all this up in an inspirational and positive tone, delivered regularly, and you’ll be handing out an abundance of warm fuzzies.

3- Videos that challenge, empower, and encourage reaching their goals – I love the idea of an ongoing series of challenges. And when you deliver them in a video, your passion and enthusiasm come through loud and clear. Whether you’re encouraging your clients to reach new heights each and every month, or you’re empowering them to work through a difficult process guiding them to the light at the end of the tunnel, offering a series of challenge videos could be just the type of encouragement they need to see it through to the end.

The first quarter of every year is a great time to focus your audience on setting and reaching goals. After all, many if not most of them have set some sort of resolution for change in the new year yet, research tells us that 80% of these resolutions fail within the first 30 days each year.

If you can use a video appeal to help them achieve their goals this year, you’ll likely have a friend for life – a friend who just may buy from you again and again!

4- Holiday, seasonal, and special occasion greeting videos – When was the last time you resented receiving a special message to commemorate a holiday or special occasion? Like, never? The thought that you took the time to show you continue to appreciate them will go a long way to helping past clients remember why they appreciated you in the past.

Holiday and special occasion videos are thoughtful. When was the last time you resented receiving a special message to commemorate a holiday or special occasion? Like, never? Being kind and caring is never a bad idea, in any situation, and it can have long-term benefits for both of you.

5- Client appreciation message videos – No one likes to feel forgotten, especially if they’ve made an effort to reach out or made a purchase from you. For existing or recent “Quiet” clients, letting them know that you appreciate their business and are ready to continue helping them is a huge positive. In this case, even client testimonials about that new product or service can be used.

Even the simplest message, like a sincere “Thank you”, when communicated on an emotional level, can have a huge impact on folks who may have felt otherwise ignored or invisible.

Building repeat business is a critical element in the long-term success of any online and local business. Due to the inherently impersonal nature of the internet, those of us who do communicate through online avenues often struggle with client retention. A keep-in-touch video campaign that is designed to nurture and re-engage past clients just might be the perfect tool for doing so – keeping your business growing and thriving long into the future.

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