Top 9 Fun and Exciting Video Business Ideas for Drone Owners

Top 9 Fun and Exciting Video Business Ideas for Drone Owners

drone video business ideasGartner, Inc. estimates that 2017 will see the production of close to 3 million drones. By 2020, drone manufacture for personal and commercial purposes is projected to generate global market revenue in excess of $11.2 billion. If you are only using your drone for capturing selfies, or the occasional weekend entertainment, you could miss out on its moneymaking features. The following list of profitable ideas involving your drone might jumpstart your creativity and lead to a good source of revenue.

Advertising and Marketing

The rich and dazzling visuals you can produce from your drone footage can be sold to local businesses for use in their ads, corporate blog postings, and other marketing materials. Travel agencies, beach resorts, private schools, seasonal festival organizers, local tourist and visitor hot spots, and resorts and hotels, for example, might be receptive to expertly shot, low-altitude aerial footage that can generate interest and draw prospective clients.

Wedding Videos

To get consistent demands for your service, you might want to partner with wedding vendors in your area. Consider proposing your innovative drone-footage wedding videos to wedding planners and photographers first. Explain how your drone video skills can potentially enhance their wedding coverage.

Coverage for Sports Events

Sports events captured in larger-than-life overhead views can be quite breathtaking. Be on the lookout for athletic competitions, where you can take amazing drone footage that may not be possible with existing action video technology.

Drone-Flying Course and Selection Tips

In the years ahead, there is going to be a boom involving drones. If you are already an enthusiast, consider taking the next step forward, and get certified. There are numerous online courses for drone piloting, such as those offered by the NationalDroneSchool, for instance. Once you acquire a certain level of mastery and skill, advertise your proficiency and offer tutorials to budding drone pilots.

Real Estate

Real estate poses another lucrative opportunity for drone pilots. You could team up with realtors and commercial estate developers. Your soaring visuals can help offload luxurious properties and scenic resorts, among others.


An unmanned aerial photographic system has many applications in agriculture. Both big and small farming ventures would need all the visuals they can get, to properly manage water resources, for example, as well as minimize the impact of disease outbreaks. Drone footage also can be quite useful in strategizing crop rotation and overseeing the growth progress of plants. Like real estate, agriculture is another rewarding industry that can be informed well by the unique capabilities of a drone.


Topographers, construction firm engineers, geologists, and archaeologists would be partial to using aerial views for assessing their projects. Additionally, low-level drone footage can help determine elevation and boundaries when modeling the positioning of buildings in a construction site.

Inspection of Risky Structures

Insurers and building contractors are in need of close-up, rigorously detailed photos of otherwise risky and inaccessible areas, such as sloped roofing structure and chimneys. Your drone can easily supply these. You can also approach utility providers for your services in conducting regular inspections of electrical lines and gas pipelines.

Local News Portal

From a safe distance, you can operate a drone to capture crime scenes, accidents, natural disasters, cultural events, and many other newsworthy happenings. You can either sell your great footage to news outlets or use them for your own local news portal, a venture that may allow you to grow in partnership with a seasoned journalist or two.

Understanding your locale, along with your piloting abilities, are key to getting a steady amount of moneymaking gigs involving your drone. Know the existing industries and small-business niches in your neighborhood, and then strategize on the various ways you can accommodate them with your drone services.

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