Four Tips for Monetizing Your Online Marketing Blog

So you have had some success as an online marketer, and you are finally ready to let the whole world access your knowledge and abilities. Marketing is one of the most popular topics for bloggers, mostly due to the many parallels that the blogging and marketing world share. Both depend on audiences to succeed; both are monetized through effect and value, and almost all work to gain exposure through fierce competition.

Unfortunately, marketing blogs are also some of the hardest blogs to monetize. They are faced with the endless difficulty of the fact that their audience is the exact type of person that does not buy things, especially when those products are marketed using the same tactics as their own. When you market to marketers, you have got to change your routine and do things differently. Apply these four tips and you will be able to monetize your marketing blog effectively; ignore them and you will end up struggling to sell to people that simply are not interested in buying.

1. Monetize through value, not sales tactics.

The most popular marketing blogs do not always offer insider information or special tools. Instead, they appeal to the majority and provide information that almost anyone can apply and have at least some level of success with. From top affiliate bloggers to social media marketers and PR experts, the best blogs do not just offer information, but accessibility.

In order to monetize your content, you should focus on selling that accessibility. Instead of pitching courses and products, give your readers access to marketing networks that pay you for their success. A lifetime of referral commissions is worth much more than a one-off sales fee.

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2. Use your credibility to sell high-end products and courses.

Most courses and marketing tools are not very good, but the few that are can be very successful as pitched products on a blog. Instead of going down the traditional blogger route and recommending everything that pays an affiliate commission, spend your time recommending high-end products that really help people succeed. As well as saving your credibility, high-end products typically pay more per-sale or per-subscription.

3. Sell advertising space to companies your audience will appreciate.

If you can’t offer a great product to your marketer audience, make sure you get in touch with a company that can. There are hundreds of companies out there offering great tools for marketers and online entrepreneurs that do not have an affiliate program, but that does not mean that they worthless for your blog. Get in touch with them and offer CPM and per-month advertising space. If your blog converts for them, you could have found a long-term monetizing asset.

4. Develop tools and products that are valuable to marketers.

After a while, your blog could develop a proactive and valuable audience that’s begging for new blogging tools and marketing resources. Rather than searching for a company that can provide, why not create your own? With a few hundred dollars and some hours spent on Elance, you can easily program and design your own marketing tool. From there, market to your audience and enjoy 100% of the profits, instead of the small cut an affiliate program would provide.



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