Time to Jazz Up Your Website Social Buttons?

Every once in awhile we all get the urge to freshen things up on our sites. Why not start by giving your social buttons a facelift?

Cool and Funky. Plain and shiny Web 2.0. Social buttons come in all types of designs. Surely, you’ll find some to fit your website personality among this list. Of course there’s nothing wrong with good ole’ text links, right?

While preparing to help an associate add some social buttons to her website, I came upon these sites that gave me more options than I expected in style and design:

ButtonShut  – Facebook Buttons (thanks to comment by Tom!)

My Social Buttons

Twitter Buttons

More Twitter Buttons

OpenSourceHunter – Icon sets

Buttonator – Create your own custom buttons

What the heck… here’s a link for free website icons, too. I’ve learned to love icons to add extra zip to my site pages.  There is quite a variety of icons here, some of which are social icons. (Commercial licensing applies)


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  • Yoana

    Thanks for posting this Andrea, the first link “My Social Buttons” had the perfect button we were looking for!

    • AndreaKalli

      You are very welcome, Yoana.

  • facebook & twitter buttons

    Great icons andrea, many thanks

  • tom

    Another good one is http://www.buttonshut.com/Facebook-Buttons/ for facebook buttons they also have agreat collection of Twitter buttons too perhaps you could update your post to include the Facebook Buttons?



    • AndreaKalli

      Nice one, Tom! Thank you for sharing this link.

  • tom

    nps glad I can help may I request an anchor text change to Facebook Buttons :)


    • AndreaKalli

      Done :)

  • Brian | i-Blogger

    I’m glad you have that buttonator link here, I have been searching for something like that. Thanks!