The Concierge Virtual Assistant: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

A business may have a variety of needs. The business owner has needs that may go unmet because they are always busy with work issues. For a virtual assistant looking for a niche, this type of client needs the multitasking expertise of a concierge professional.

Organization is hard to manage for some businesses. It is enough to work on creating products for clients or managing the services that they provide. In the grand scheme of things, other important stuff gets missed. Someone needs to pay attention to detail so that events and product unveilings go off without a hitch.

The Market

A business has many areas of operation. Take for instance a catering service that is preparing for an event. Besides the food, there is the equipment, hiring workers, uniforms and a million other details. Forgetting even one thing can hinder the event and cost the business a client.

An organization wants to set up a national meeting for its members. After the date is set and the invitations go out, the real work begins. There are hotels to reserve, entertainment, caterers and other arrangements to make. They need help managing the particulars.

The unsung hero of major events is the one who handles all of the things that go along with the grand ideas that someone else thinks up. With a small business, that unsung hero is the business owner who already has their hands full with other projects. Only a well organized person can coordinate and handle all of this with zeal.

Multitasking is not for the faint of heart. You may do it in your own life and find you have a talent for it. A virtual assistant that was once the right arm of an executive or another management professional knows how demanding it can be to handle every detail.

For the highly organized and multitalented virtual assistant, using your skills to help in every aspect of your client’s life is a rewarding challenge. Some of the duties you will be called upon to make as a concierge virtual assistant:

  • Event planning
  • Business scheduling
  • Making personal appointments
  • Planning parties
  • Hiring various services
  • Buying personal and corporate gifts
  • Hotel reservations
  • Travel arrangements for clients
  • Paying personal bills
  • Handling household activities

A concierge virtual assistant is a personal assistant and business assistant all rolled into one. When a business client has an idea for a new product, you are the one doing the fact finding. If they forget to schedule doctor’s appointments for the kids, you call the dentist and arrange it. Their entire schedule is managed by you so that they are where they need to be when they need to be there. A concierge virtual assistant takes care of a client’s personal and business needs with an air of professionalism.

Virtual Assistant Training

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One Response to “The Concierge Virtual Assistant: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker”

  1. Beth September 2, 2010 10:12 am

    Firstly, not too many sites offer new modules for skills upgrades. Hats off to you!

    Multi-tasking is a skill we VA’s have.This goes hand in hand with time-management too. I don’t know about the “concierge” term. The items you enumerated are easily done by any VA. We all seem to be lost in re-packaging the idea of ‘virtual assistant’ services. We are evolving, but we are still known as VA’s.

    All I know is VA’s are armed with the skills and we hit the ground running.