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Backlinking After Google’s Penguin Update

The Internet has become the most powerful communication medium humanity has ever seen. With the ability to reach millions of people across the globe, the market potential is enough to melt the mind. When Penguin was unleashed on April 24th, 2012, those involved in the world of online business were frantically glued to their analytics […]

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Online Business Plans for the New Year – Let’s Get This Party Started!

It’s a New Year, with New Plans, and a New Budget to promote your business. I’d love to help you spend it –  wisely. 🙂 Don’t waste that new budget on the same old, same old. It’s time to get creative; it’s time to get busy; it’s time to spend like a college freshman with […]

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The Importance of Anchor Text Diversity to Search Engine Optimization

Just how important is anchor text diversity to your Search Engine Optimization strategy? There are thousands of assumptions in the SEO world, many of which are backed up by very little real world evidence. From bizarre ideas about link value to equally strange theories on acquiring a collection of international links, it does not take […]

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How Submitting to Video Sharing Sites Can Enhance Link Building Efforts

Ask any search engine optimization expert about social media link sources and they’re unlikely to mention YouTube. The popular video website remains one of the most effective traffic sources on the web, but it’s almost completely unknown amongst those other than SEO professionals. With millions of visitors per day, it’s an invaluable resource, but one […]

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Looking for Fresh Content for your Internet or Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Business?

New Articles for this October 2010 Offering Let me share something very powerful with you. Once I started adding quality articles with relevant and fresh content related to my business on my blog, in article directories, and on social sites I began to see a substantial increase in new business. Slowly at first, but then […]

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The Value of Professionally-Written Content to Online Marketing Campaigns

With the newspaper industry in a state of flux, many marketers and content-driven entrepreneurs are reexamining long-held beliefs about the value of content. Some have embraced a high-quality model, employing only the finest content for their websites and limiting the amount of repeat, retrospective, and summary content that is published. Others have swung in the […]

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Four Tips for Writing Linkbait Articles

In the online world, there is only one currency that is worth anything: traffic. The most successful websites are built on huge amounts of traffic, and the most profitable products sell because of the never-ending flow of traffic to their sales and merchant pages. Much like businesses pay premium rent for a high foot-traffic location, […]

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10,000 Website Visitors in 30 Days. Finally!

Just wanted to share my latest joy with you. My website finally reached it’s first 10,000 visitor per month mark and I’m overjoyed!! It wasn’t anything that happened quickly or because of a fluke spike of traffic from Digg. It was gradual growth increasing steadily each and every month. I hadn’t even been keeping a […]

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