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Additional Platforms for Link Building Campaigns

As online publishers grow more search savvy, the amount of effort required for effective link building is soaring upwards. Many websites have grown into high-earning online assets, with even the simplest ones earning top rankings in Google SERPs, steady inflows of traffic, and a bevy of advertising income. At the heart of this success is […]

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Four Creative Link Building Strategies

Looking for a few creative Link Building strategies? For some marketers, link building is a fairly mechanical exercise. Third party websites are targeted without any thought for their value, bulk emails are sent in search of external links, and aggressive blog commenting campaigns eat up time and produce relatively minimal results. It is a strategy […]

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How to Use E-Books for Linkbait and Inbound Link Generation

One of the most important and ongoing search engine marketing strategies (aka off-page SEO) is to create incoming backlinks to your website. One way to do this is to create value-packed ebooks that include links to your various website pages. However, digital publishing has a reputation problem. Thanks to the minimal barriers to entry and […]

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How Submitting to Video Sharing Sites Can Enhance Link Building Efforts

Ask any search engine optimization expert about social media link sources and they’re unlikely to mention YouTube. The popular video website remains one of the most effective traffic sources on the web, but it’s almost completely unknown amongst those other than SEO professionals. With millions of visitors per day, it’s an invaluable resource, but one […]

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Optimizing Your Social Media Presence for Link Building and SEO

Some claim that social media can revive failing businesses; others that it can significantly increase your brand power. Like most marketing forms, the value of social media is variable. Some will generate direct income from it, while others will find fairly mixed results. There’s one field in which social media truly shines: SEO. However, most […]

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Local SEO: The Truly Great Marketing Strategy

Gaining a dominant position in the search results can be very difficult. Ultra-competitive international search terms can attract thousands of competitors, each as skilled and ruthless as the next. From offshore hackers to dedicated corporate SEO experts, the number of players vying for a spot in some of the most competitive international search arenas can […]

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Four SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing – from a Search Engine Optimization VA

Affiliate marketers are constantly looking for new ways to generate new traffic, and one of the most effective forms of traffic generation is through SEO-powered websites. From micro-sites to major authority affiliate websites, the world of SEO is packed with affiliates looking to increase their earnings, decrease their direct workload, and create a long-term marketing […]

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Building SEO Backlinks: Why Less Can Be More

There is a common belief in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) community that maximizing the quantity of backlinks is the most effective way to build a powerful search engine presence. It is certainly backed by evidence — many popular websites are built on thousands of low quality links — but it is definitely not the […]

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