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How Submitting to Video Sharing Sites Can Enhance Link Building Efforts

Ask any search engine optimization expert about social media link sources and they’re unlikely to mention YouTube. The popular video website remains one of the most effective traffic sources on the web, but it’s almost completely unknown amongst those other than SEO professionals. With millions of visitors per day, it’s an invaluable resource, but one […]

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Optimizing Your Social Media Presence for Link Building and SEO

Some claim that social media can revive failing businesses; others that it can significantly increase your brand power. Like most marketing forms, the value of social media is variable. Some will generate direct income from it, while others will find fairly mixed results. There’s one field in which social media truly shines: SEO. However, most […]

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The Value of Professionally-Written Content to Online Marketing Campaigns

With the newspaper industry in a state of flux, many marketers and content-driven entrepreneurs are reexamining long-held beliefs about the value of content. Some have embraced a high-quality model, employing only the finest content for their websites and limiting the amount of repeat, retrospective, and summary content that is published. Others have swung in the […]

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Six Ways to Use Great Content

The internet is a playground for automators and master coders. With a little skill and a lot of time, almost anyone can create a robotic PC application to deliver results to them. From FTP uploaders to mass advertisement builders, automation experts and master computer scientists have been building the automated building blocks of the internet […]

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Four Tips for Generating Consistent Traffic

Online marketing is an industry where the old “ups and downs” cliche really does make sense. Traffic is everything to online marketers — the lifeblood of all online success — and when it shifts and changes with the roller coaster intensity that it often does, things can get very difficult. Online businesses, particularly advertising supported […]

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Four Tips for Writing Linkbait Articles

In the online world, there is only one currency that is worth anything: traffic. The most successful websites are built on huge amounts of traffic, and the most profitable products sell because of the never-ending flow of traffic to their sales and merchant pages. Much like businesses pay premium rent for a high foot-traffic location, […]

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10,000 Website Visitors in 30 Days. Finally!

Just wanted to share my latest joy with you. My website finally reached it’s first 10,000 visitor per month mark and I’m overjoyed!! It wasn’t anything that happened quickly or because of a fluke spike of traffic from Digg. It was gradual growth increasing steadily each and every month. I hadn’t even been keeping a […]

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Building Traffic With SEO: Five All-Purpose Tips

The internet marketing industry has seen a fair degree of up-and-down movement over the last twelve months. Ultra-profitable cost-per-action advertisements have been pushed around by advertising networks, often to the point of being banned from display entirely. Formerly profitable credit and loan management industries have come under the eye of recession-based regulators, leaving many once-successful […]

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