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The Virtual Assistant Web Designer

One niche that virtual assistants are pursuing is that of a web designer. More and more brick and mortar businesses are taking their products to the Internet. Without the savvy to create the base for their online presence, they will need your help. What is a web designer? A web designer is someone who works […]

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The Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Many virtual assistants worked in other areas of corporate America before they went into business for themselves. If your area was real estate, think about the opportunities waiting for you as a real estate virtual assistant. Real estate agents either work for a company or they can go out on their own and work as […]

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The Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you know how important it is to have an online presence. Making yourself visible in as many places as possible is important for anyone in business. If you have the skills, you can be an Internet marketer and help others. If you have never been on the Internet you are living […]

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How to Specialize as a Virtual Assistant and Why You Should

The virtual assistant business is booming. Businesses have realized the advantages of hiring someone to help them with their business tasks. As a virtual assistant you can work to meet the needs of any and every client or you can change your tack and specialize in one or two areas of business. Have you heard […]

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Why One Social Media Account is Often Better Than Ten

Thousands of internet marketers subscribe to a marketing theory — actually, a marketing phenomenon — known as the ‘Long Tail.’ This is a phenomenon caused by the incredible variety on offer online, whether it is books, movies or any other type of product. In Chris Anderson’s remarkable book, unsurprisingly titled “The Long Tail”, this economic […]

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Four Tips for Organizing Parties, Events, and Launches with Social Media

For all the commotion suggesting that social media is replacing people’s social lives, the reality is distinctly different. While some Facebook users sit inert at their desks all day, browsing others’ profiles, more and more people are spending their time arranging events, organizing parties, and making real-life connections. The internet is turning full circle, and […]

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Santa Has Arrived Early and He’s Brought Something Special for Virtual Professionals

Ho-Ho-Ho! You must have been very, very good this year. Our good friends at VAClassroom.com have just launched a “Christmas Special” on all their fabulous courses! They are offering an additional 25% discount on all their main courses including Fantastic Facebook Fan Pages, Blog Marketing Tips and Tactics, Social Media Marketing Training and the Internet […]

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Content Marketing: Developing Your Communication Strategy

To succeed in the World Wide Web, you need to constantly provide value to both your customers and potential customers. The value that you provide should not just end with the quality of goods and services you have to offer but through useful, insightful and exclusive information that’s relevant to both you and your target […]

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