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How to Blog with a Strategy

“Everyone is blogging and every business has a blog to read.” Now, you may be thinking that’s an extreme statement, but certainly by now you’ve discovered just how popular blogging is both personally and professionally. Maybe not everyone is into it, but it certainly is one of the top 10 things to include in a […]

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Optimizing Your Social Media Presence for Link Building and SEO

Some claim that social media can revive failing businesses; others that it can significantly increase your brand power. Like most marketing forms, the value of social media is variable. Some will generate direct income from it, while others will find fairly mixed results. There’s one field in which social media truly shines: SEO. However, most […]

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Looking for Fresh Content for your Internet or Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Business?

New Articles for this October 2010 Offering Let me share something very powerful with you. Once I started adding quality articles with relevant and fresh content related to my business on my blog, in article directories, and on social sites I began to see a substantial increase in new business. Slowly at first, but then […]

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Cool Find of the Week – Carbonite iPhone App for Remote File Access

Wowzers! I just discovered a very cool find for my iPhone. It’s the Carbonite iPhone app which allows me to access the online files that Carbonite has backed up from my desktop. If you’re anything like me, your iPhone is a constant companion and never more than an arms length away. The good: it allows […]

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Content Marketing Ideas Tip – Looking Ahead To The New Year

As September quietly finishes and the end of the year creeps closer, my thoughts go to an obvious content marketing strategy that every internet marketer is starting to think about: utilizing the upcoming new year as an event for inspiration in content. The beauty of a new year is that it offers us an opportunity […]

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Using Videos to Develop the Perception of a Personal Relationship With Target Audiences

When pursued correctly, video marketing can be an extremely effective tool to promote your small business. Often, business owners find themselves so caught up in their paperwork or their day-to-day operations that they forget about the human element of any successful small business. Relationships matter. This is especially true if you are operating a business […]

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Six Ways to Use Great Content

The internet is a playground for automators and master coders. With a little skill and a lot of time, almost anyone can create a robotic PC application to deliver results to them. From FTP uploaders to mass advertisement builders, automation experts and master computer scientists have been building the automated building blocks of the internet […]

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Five Different Ways to Market Your Service-Oriented Online Business

Running an online business is no easy task, and without a proactive marketing effort it can be incredibly difficult to find new customers and clients. For entrepreneurs operating an online service business — a web design agency, consultancy firm, or support business — the process can be even more difficult. Pay-per-click advertising becomes less effective, […]

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