3 Ways to Engage Your Customers Using Social Media Contests

social media contest for engagementSocial media has become the new age word-of-mouth advertising media. If one of your fans has a great experience, they are more likely to share it with their family and friends using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To become successful using social media, it’s important to build your follower base and one of the easiest ways to grow your followers is by hosting contests and giveaways. While there are many ways to incorporate social media giveaways into your marketing tactics, there are three main contests that provide the most fan engagement.

Here are the three best social media contests to increase fan engagement:

1. Facebook Contests

Facebook contests come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll see well know companies running Facebook contests worth thousands of dollars and local business offering free t-shirts to the best comments on their page. Facebook contests can help you get more Facebook fans, create content for your Facebook page and build a more loyal connection with your current Facebook fans.

2. Twitter Parties

Twitter parties are quickly becoming one of the most cost effective ways to increase your company’s presence online. Image if you could gain over one million impressions in just one hour. It’s possible with Twitter parties! A Twitter party is a live online chat with your customers. Many companies hire a party host with a large number of active Twitter followers to run the chat. You can work with your party host to decide the goal of your chat and choose the prizes you will give away throughout the course of an hour. Twitter parties can grow your Twitter followers, create a fun atmosphere to engage your customers and lead to an increase in sales as you direct visitors back to your website.

3. Pinterest Sweepstakes

Pinterest has taken over Facebook as the biggest source of website referral traffic in the past few months. Building your Pinterest influence will directly increase your number of website visitors. During a Pinterest contest, followers are encouraged to visit your website and pin their favorite products to a specific Pinterest board. After they pin your products, their pins will be displayed to their followers, and your products will be simultaneously shared across the web. Pinterest sweepstakes can help you increase your Pinterest followers, generate more website traffic with re-pins and create awareness for your company.

Don’t forget you can always cross promote your social media contest on your other social media channels to get more entries. This will help you to build an all-around following for users on all three of the top social media platforms.

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