Sneak Peek – listen to course highlights of the Podcast Marketing Success Strategies Program at VAClassroom

We’re in the first week of the Podcast Marketing Success Strategies course over at VAClassroom.  I’m having so much fun sharing the awesome content with everyone, but I think there are some that still don’t get what the course is trying to get across, and decided not to sign up because perhaps they’re thinking they aren’t interested in podcasting, or that their clients won’t have a need for their help in this area.

This course is more than just about podcasting, it’s about how you can use audio and video in a wide variety of ways for a business. So many options….so much to learn about the cool stuff available to us all. Strategies, tools, and techniques. Things are much easier these days than just a few short years ago.

So here’s what I’ve done….

I created an audio of just a sampling of the course highlights for the Podcast Marketing Success Strategies Program. Please enjoy it, with my compliments, through the player below.

Please note that this audio is comprised of several snippets from the course. Each snippet fades in at the beginning and fades out at the end. This was intentional. Thanks to those that brought it up to me thinking it was a defect in the audio, and is the reason I added clarification. 🙂 Nice to know folks have my back. It’s a lovely world we live in, ya know? My peeps are awesome.


Also, when I was interviewing Penny Haynes the other day about her thoughts of brilliance regarding the benefits of business podcasting, she mentioned probably THE most important thing that podcasters should know. Check it out!


If you have any questions about how the skills you’ll learn through this course can greatly impact your business, just let me know, k?



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