SharePoint 2007 2-way sync with Outlook Calendars

SharePoint v3 / OL2007 has a two way sync with calendars in Outlook, whereas before it only had a one way sync in the WSSv2 / OL2003 version.

So you create a Calendar in a SharePoint site, then go under Actions, select Connect to Outlook. Outlook will then ask you if it is OK to link to the site. Once you have added the site to your Outlook, you can drag/drop events from your main calendar, or create new events directly in the SharePoint calendar.   Outlook will sync with the SharePoint Calendar and wallah, your events appear on the SharePoint site. Works vice versa too.  Events created on the site will appear in Outlook.

Why is this awesome?  Use it for:

  • Shared team calendar for jobs, consulting, projects, events, books, etc.
  • Resource reservation calendar for things such as conference rooms, projectors, demo laptops, etc.
  • Meeting management for personnel resources not on the same LAN or utilizing AD.

You could have a central calendar in your Outlook, then several SharePoint calendars linked in, and you can drag/drop your pertinent appoints on the various calendars for their various purposes.  Very cool! 

By Heather Solomon, SharePoint expert

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