Online Business Plans for the New Year – Let’s Get This Party Started!

It’s a New Year, with New Plans, and a New Budget to promote your business. I’d love to help you spend it –  wisely. 🙂

Don’t waste that new budget on the same old, same old. It’s time to get creative; it’s time to get busy; it’s time to spend like a college freshman with an “emergencies only” credit card in hand for the first time. All joking aside, it really is time to move your online business forward and reap the rewards you’ve been hoping for and working toward.

Let me help you…

  • Improve traffic to your site
  • Build your brand identity
  • Increase your online presence
  • Take the load off your shoulders
  • Grow your online business

Keyword Research Support

The most important task of all that you do to improve your website and build an online presence, keyword research is the most important, yet tends to be the most neglected. The keywords you use are how people find you, not to mention the search engines, of course.

Even if you began your online business with a well-researched, comprehensive list of quality keywords, you should upgrade them at least once a year, perhaps more often. The search terms people use to find you can easily change over time, meaning that your keywords may become obsolete or less effective. By refreshing your keyword list yearly, you will stay on top of the changes to the searches you need.

WordPress Websites Support

If you don’t have your site on WordPress, I have only one question for you. Why not? WordPress is the most popular hosting platform in the world for a reason. Actually, you should consider WordPress websites for a few reasons…

  • WordPress is SEO-friendly, by structure and design it is especially Google-friendly.
  • WordPress is easy to use, with intuitive dashboards and easy posting.
  • WordPress has wonderful backup, with thousands of developers worldwide creating plugins and support programs.
  • WordPress is easy to customize, making your site unique.
  • WordPress is easy to maintain, so easy in fact, you can do it yourself once I show you how.
  • WordPress can easily be your e-commerce platform. With both free and premium plugins and integration with popular shopping cart systems, you will be able to FINALLY monetize your website.

Building WordPress websites for online business, or moving an old site to WordPress, is what I do. I’m very good at it, because I am completely committed to helping you improve your online presence, enhance your identity, and build your brand.

The Social Network – an Internet Marketing staple

A major element in the current Internet Marketing campaign, social media marketing continues to hold an extremely strong position. Working side-by-side with your favorites, such as email and autoresponder campaigns, affiliate programs, and content distribution to content sharing sites, your social media marketing campaign should be welcomed into the fold with open arms.

Again, why are you not using the social network for marketing your business? Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are where the people are. Put simply, they put butts in the seats for you. They are a way to connect and engage with your audience like no other place online. If you’re not a part of the social network, you need to be – today.

Product Launch Support

What a great time of year to launch a new product. Optimism runs rampant at this time of year, with nearly everyone you meet believing good things are ahead. This positive energy makes the beginning of the year the perfect time to introduce your new product.

My product launch team and I will handle all the details and manage your product launch with diligence and efficiency. We’ll relieve the stress you feel from trying to do-it-all yourself, freeing you to handle the Big Stuff while we take care of the details.

Videos for Marketing

Those New Plans for the New Year will be much less effective without the use of video for marketing. Research shows that video is 66% more effective than text when promoting your products or services. If you’re not on the video bandwagon yet, you need to be. I have dedicated an entirely separate website to help you introduce video into your new marketing efforts with style AND to fit within your tight budget.

Videos and Audios for your Products

Let’s not forget that one of the best ways to expand your income and revenue is to take your fabulous knowledge and turn it into sell-able products. Digital downloads are very easy to set up for your business and are a great way to spread the brilliance that is YOU!

Go ahead; let your own optimism and positive energy take you to a New Place this New Year. Let me, Andrea Kalli, help you and guide you into a more prosperous and profitable New Year for you – and your online business.





About Andrea Kalli

Since 2007, Andrea has been helping entrepreneurs develop their business dreams through solid online marketing strategy planning, implementation, marketing, and maintenance. "Your goals are my goals. We do this together." ~Andrea

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  1. Ruan March 25, 2012 2:01 am

    I really look forward to the facebook timeline coming in shortly – seems to be opening up a even better marketing field


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