It’s Finally Here! The Product Launch Specialist Certification Course You’ve Been Waiting For

This is the one you’ve been waiting for…. THE BIG KAHUNA!Product Launch Support Specialist Certification

Get trained and CERTIFIED!

The Product Launch Specialist Certification course at VAClassroom has officially launched (get it?).

All their other courses, mini-courses, and clinics have led up to this one. With the Product Launch Specialist Certification you can pull all the information you’ve learned into a single DYNAMITE service offering for your clients.

Think about what you’ve learned so far. If you’ve taken many of the other VAClassroom courses you’ve learned how to:

  • Perform common internet marketing actions
  • Get your clients up and running with Social Media Marketing campaigns
  • Create and manage both audios and videos for free and paid products
  • Set up, manage,  and market a Podcast to create buzz for business products and services
  • Tweak HTML and FBML (Facebook Pages)
  • Set up, manage, and market with a WordPress site
  • Do keyword research and on-page SEO for optimizing yummy Googlishis websites
  • Set up and manage Virtual Events
  • How to do great sales and web copywriting

Oh, and if  you’re new to VAClassroom, just think of how cool it is to have a single source of education for boosting your business beyond your imagination. OK, maybe you HAVE imagined greatness already! But now you have a place to take you there so you can realize the full potential of what your business can be.

They are currently taking enrollments for this course now, so click on that big banner on the right –>

No, I mean RIGHT NOW! They’re even offering an Early bird registration to receive a special bonus and discount that expires on November 4th. By enrolling by November 4th at 2pm (pacific time), you’ll receive a complimentary seat in the upcoming clinic “Product Launches Powered by WordPress“, presented by yours truly 🙂

“Access an easy-to-implement and well-tested system for helping your clients launch virtually any type of product on the web!” – Craig Cannings

The Product Launch Support Specialist Training Program is a comprehensive course that’s absolutely jam-packed with expertise, strategies, best practices, tips and helpful checklists for effectively launching all types of products on the web!

The live certification course begins on November 15th and runs through December 10th.

Want a sneak peek of the 4-week curriculum?

  1. WEEK ONE: The Building Blocks of a Powerful Online Product Launch
  2. WEEK TWO: Creating a Product Launch Success Sequence / Building Your Product Launch Dream Team
  3. WEEK THREE: The Power of the Pre-Launch
  4. WEEK FOUR: Product Launch Marketing Strategies / Launch Follow-up & Evaluation

“I have personally experienced the pain of launching products WITHOUT a virtual team and the joys of launching products with a Virtual Team – A big difference!  I believe that these new skills and tools will make you one of the most valuable assets for your clients! Plus, these new abilities may even prompt you to launch your own products and build excellent new income streams for yourself.” – Craig Cannings

As a valued VAClassroom course participant, here’s what you can expect:

  • Four weeks of top-notch multimedia training with over 20 easy-to-follow videos.
  • Four live, interactive discussion webinars where you can ask your questions and further stretch your skills and knowledge in executing product launches for yourself or your clients.
  • Invaluable resource guides, action templates and checklists to help you better digest the training and equip you to deliver your Product Launch support services effectively and efficiently.
  • Membership in the Product Launch Training Club, which will serve as an invaluable social network for you to post your pertinent questions and discussion topics!
  • Action assignments for each week so you can apply what you’ve learned and make sure you can implement it successfully.
  • Certification as a Product Launch Support Specialist so you can prove your ability to deliver these services and build your credibility with potential clients.

Head on over to VAClassroom and grab this great opportunity to become certified as a Product Launch Specialist. Get there early and receive some pretty awesome bonuses, too.



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