Nine Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs SlideShare Today

content marketing and seo with slideshareAs visual content and social media become increasingly important to convey marketing messages, social channels like YouTube, Pinterest, and SlideShare are more relevant to content marketing than ever before. Even so, some businesses are still unfamiliar with SlideShare, a social channel for sharing presentations. Every month, SlideShare receives around 120 million page views and its popularity is growing as a medium for content marketing.

Significantly for marketers, the six most-used tags on the site are “business”, “market”, “trends”, “research”, “social media”, and “statistics.”

Here are 9 great reasons why SlideShare should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

SlideShare SEO Is Impressive

SlideShare is often overlooked by businesses trying to improve their SEO power, but it is an outstanding way to increase organic traffic from major search engines. All the text from each slide presentation is actually transcribed and indexed by Google, so the words used in each presentation play a significant role in improving your SEO.

It Enhances Brand Credibility

A report from the Nielson Company, a leading provider of insights into consumer behavior, revealed that only around 60 percent of online consumers trust the marketing messages found on company websites. Using SlideShare as part of your content marketing strategy gives your company a fresh outlet for your marketing material, and exposes your content to prospects who are reluctant to click through to your website via Google.

It’s a Multi-Media Platform

SlideShare is not just about slides. Although slide presentations are the most common form of content on the site, you can also upload documents, PDFs, videos, and webinars. This ability to distribute a diverse mix of content gives you more opportunity to direct your key marketing messages at specific segments of your target audience, and then measure the results.

You Can Use SlideShare With Google+ Hangouts

An increasing number of companies are exploring Google+ hangout sessions for marketing purposes. Whether you are holding a remote presentation, a mini-conference, or training employees, SlideShare presentations can now be incorporated into Google+ Hangouts. This can be incredibly useful for emphasizing or clarifying messages.

You Can Create a Branded Channel

Just like YouTube, SlideShare provides branded channels for businesses. Perfect for content marketing development, a branded channel allows businesses to reach out to a targeted audience in a much deeper way. SlideShare is basically a blank canvas for your business to deliver multiple marketing campaigns, and every message can be adapted through time to suit your marketing goals.

It’s a Growing Community

SlideShare still has less registered users than the mainstream social channels. This means your competitors may not be fully aware of its potential to drive website traffic and convert prospects into customers. Businesses are fighting to come out on top in the content marketing race, and the brands that will succeed in the end are those that use channels like SlideShare creatively and consistently.

SlideShare Has Integrated Analytics

Content marketing strategies are only truly effective when you can measure the results. The SlideShare platform offers analytics to brands in the form of Send Tracker. This feature allows you to send out content via email to targeted prospects and review how they engaged with your content. In real time, you can discover which content is having the most impact on viewers, and modify less effective content to achieve better results.

You Can Use It as Cloud Storage

As well as using SlideShare to extend the reach of your content marketing strategy, the platform can also be used by your business as free or low-cost cloud storage. Every document or presentation can be hidden from public view, or have limited access. This means you can back up your content, share and evaluate content with colleagues, and provide exclusive content to clients before it goes public.

SlideShare Is an Effective Lead Generator

For relatively little outlay, you can purchase SlideShare Pro and use more features like LeadShare to increase your marketing power. With LeadShare, you can insert lead capture forms within presentations to attract qualified leads and start to build up a loyal following.




SlideShare is a more business-oriented platform than other social channels. This makes it ideal for content marketing, whether you are a small or large company. As an increasing number of consumers seek out their own solutions to problems, channels like SlideShare are becoming more relevant as a marketing tool. If you can consistently create engaging content, SlideShare can play a crucial part in your overall content marketing strategy. It can help optimize your content for the search engines, and it could be the ideal place to reenergize your brand. Using a content repurposing strategy, such as blog post – to – presentation, is a smart way to take what you already have and put it into an eye-appealing presentation for uploading to Slideshare. As an internet marketing service specialist focused on content marketing, we can help you with that.

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