How to Use Video for Real Estate Agent Marketing & Ideas – Video Virtual Assistant using Explaindio

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Video Virtual Assistant having a bit of fun and showing you how to use video by creating this Real Estate Agent Marketing Example using this idea, done in Explaindio Video Creator V2 Pro.

This video shows you an example of something other than your typical property portfolio video that most real estate agents make. This simple video targets one specific pain point your real estate clients have – looking for properties without the help of someone like you. And then presents them with how much better their life would be if they hired you. It’s a great idea to do a similar video addressing each of your client’s pain points. Videos don’t have to be long, but they should tap into an issue, and trigger an emotional response.

Get creative and mix up your video styles! Nobody wants to see property videos over and over and over again. Take the 10 most important questions you get asked, or 10 most pressing issues your clients deal with, and create a helpful video for each one.

This video uses a combination of video style elements, including animated characters, b-roll footage (which emphasizes a point), images, whiteboard sketch, and sound effects.

Just another way to use marketing videos for your local business. Enjoy! Andrea Kalli

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