How to Blog with a Strategy

“Everyone is blogging and every business has a blog to read.”

internet marketing virtual assistantNow, you may be thinking that’s an extreme statement, but certainly by now you’ve discovered just how popular blogging is both personally and professionally. Maybe not everyone is into it, but it certainly is one of the top 10 things to include in a business-marketing plan.

You might be familiar with blogging already and even have a few blogs on the go. As a business owner, you probably know you should be blogging regularly as a way to promote your business, but have you narrowed down a strategy? Is it time to tweak your blog?

The Importance of Blogs

Chances are you’ve seen value in subscribing to certain blogs. You may have saved a few as favorites or signed up to have them delivered to your inbox. You do this because you’ve seen value in keeping up with certain blog writers. In some way, what they share enhances your own work or sense of direction. Their blog may help you to stay in the loop. If they’ve already done the homework on certain initiatives, their blog may serve as a quick-read report—one that will give you the information you need to keep momentum in your field. A trusted blog writer filters out the noise helping you to stay current quickly.

Creating Your Strategy

You’ve probably scanned or read the blogs of other professionals and know which styles you like and which you don’t. That detail alone will help guide you into knowing what you want to write and how you want to display it. Variety is the spice of life, however. Create a blog that reflects you, not merely copies one of your favorite authors. Learn from your favorites, but don’t copy them and their information.

To gain an outline for your strategy, think about the reasons you subscribe to the blogs you do. What you like about certain authors? What do you like about their language or presentation style? When have these same authors almost made you hit the “unsubscribe” button—something you’ll want to avoid? When you land on a blog page, how did you get there? What were you looking for? How much of the blog did you read? What answers or enlightenment did the blog give you? Could it have been shorter? Do you wish there were more information? Why makes you want to stay connected to a particular blog?

The answers you give to these questions may help you decide the value you want your blog to offer. Give your audience a reason to subscribe and a revisit. A blog is a great tool to help keep a conversation going and to build rapport with your market. Creating trust through consistency and through giving the gift of free information will help you build reader loyalty. The idea is that eventually they will order one of your products or sign up to use one of your services. Ideally, they will also refer you to their friends, share your link, and so on.

Write your blog with end results in mind. Write in such a way as to enhance readers lives, help them grow their own business, or offer them a sense of personal direction or motivation. Keep your information current, keep your blog updated regularly, and reply to comments.

Blogging is a tool for today that is constantly transforming. If you’re not into blogging yet, it’s time to try it. If you already have a blog on the go, tweak it and make it work to your benefit with these suggestions.



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