Guide to Membership Retention and Strategies

Aren’t membership sites great?

Using membership retention and strategies to keep current members engaged is important. There are many valuable members already on current marketing lists. Keeping these clients is always more cost effective than obtaining new members. The relationship that is developed over time with members needs to be encouraged and approached from different angles. Here are some membership retention and strategies for success.

Content Series

One membership retention strategy involves creating multi-part content series. These products, audios, or written content is available throughout renewal periods. This may include a two part content series that must be learned over two or more renewal periods. This strategy allows for the member to study and look forward to more learning materials or beneficial information.

Creative Contests

Take time to create contests that members can participate in. Everyone enjoys discussing their thoughts, or expressing ideas in physical form. Each contest that is created will not end in a short period of time. This will allow the excitement to build and for members to stay active until the contest ends. They must stay a member over the length of the contest to participate and win. Example contests are essays, videos, theories, created items, and anything having to do with the subject discussed within the membership niche. The creativity of the contest will reveal to members how passionate the creator of the site is about the niche topic. Group members who share ideas in a forum or through instant chat can encourage more members to participate.

Surprise Bonus

Surprise members with time released bonuses. These bonuses could be released at very specific times throughout the year. Another option is to give the bonus out after a subscription renewal payment is received. The type of bonus may not be the same for all members. A person that is a paid member for three months may receive a different type of bonus than someone who has been a member for several years.

People love membership websites and will pay to stay engaged in specific topics. Offering valuable content, creating contests, and giving away unbelievable bonuses is a great strategy to increase profits and keep membership numbers up. Membership retention rates will increase when members feel engaged in the membership content and that their contribution monetarily is appreciated. Challenging members mentally can help bring in new passionate members who hear about the membership through word of mouth. Improve membership retention and strategies to increase long term profits.

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