Four Tips for Highly Effective Content Marketing

The world of lucrative article marketing can be a tough nut to crack. From rejected submissions to frustratingly difficult topics; troubled supporting websites to readers that just won’t make a purchase, the amount of potential problems affecting content marketers is miles long and filled with frustration.

However, despite the annoyances and potential setbacks of dedicated content marketing, a growing number of article marketers are generating a very lucrative income online. From million-dollar content to small niche businesses, the amount of online marketers growing their empire and boosting their income through article marketing is swelling at a record pace.

It is important to get your content marketing empire built on the right foundation. These four tips and tactics won’t make you a leading marketer overnight, but they will help you set down the path towards one. If you are tired of seeing your content fail to convert, get rejected before publication, or simply fall flat as a sales tool, apply these four tips and watch your success soar.

Practice the Call to Action

The best article marketers do not treat their articles are mere content. They are a piece of sales strategy, much in the same way as flashy demonstrations and call-to-action styled design. Great content is not just an interesting diversion or attention-grabbing piece of information – it is an opportunity to move your readers through the sales process. Design content that grabs attention and retains it, and you will see your sales, conversions, and opt-in submissions dramatically increase.

Use a Good Headline

Just ask the New York Post how valuable a great headline can be. The controversial newspaper has built the basis of its empire on one thing: sensational, attention-grabbing, and effective headlines. If your articles are designed to increase sales, build buzz for your business, or simply fuel a long-term client or customer acquisition process, it is essential that the first step – the headline – is in the right direction.

Cut Down on Nonsense, and Never Bloat Your Content

A growing number of content directories enforce draconian length requirements – a bar of 400, 500, or occasional more words that are required before an article will be considered for submission. It is a poor decision for content quality – word counts typically bloat articles with “fatty” content and limit their value – but a good decision on the part of marketers.

Your goal, as a content marketer, is to convert a reader into a customer in as few actions as you possibly can. Keep your content short, punchy, and focused on sales and you will gain those customers – keep it lengthy and extended and you will instead bore people into leaving you alone.

Always Keep AIDA in Mind

Great salespeople are not born, they are built through a series of tests, strategies, and efforts. One of the most famous sales processes is known as AIDA – attention, interest, decision, action.

Build your content as a part of that sales process. You need to grab attention with a headline, build interest with great content, and finally force users to make a decision – ideally a click through to your own commercial website. From there, the job does not fall on your writing, but on your website.



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  1. Jon July 30, 2010 10:39 am

    Nice article. Here’s some takeaways from a recent content marketing conference –

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    Knowledge is power; I wear so many hats as a business owner and keeping informed on all the countless things I need to know isn’t always easy. The concise info you shared is appreciated. Thanks.


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