Five Ways to Use Instagram Video in eCommerce

5-percentInstagram’s video functionality hasn’t been around long, but it’s already making waves in the world of social commerce. The service’s massive audience and 15-second video length present great marketing opportunities for all kinds of brands. Videos greatly increase viewer engagement; while a photo might merit a passing glance, a relevant video makes the user stop and stare. If you haven’t added Instagram video to your social media marketing strategy yet, it’s time to get on board. In this article, we’ll discuss five creative ways you can utilize micro-video to promote your brand.

1. Show Your Products Being Used

While an in-context photo is always helpful, a video will take user engagement to the next level. The 15 seconds available in an Instagram video is the ideal length for demonstrating a product’s efficiency or ease of use. For a product with multiple uses, a quick medley of those various uses can speak volumes.

2. Hide Easter Eggs in Your Videos

Easter eggs aren’t just for holiday baskets: these hidden messages and jokes, often concealed deep inside TV shows and video games, are a great marketing tool as well. How do you get users to keep coming back to watch your video? Just sneak a well-concealed promo code into one, and reward sharp-eyed social followers.

3. Create How-To Videos

Some products and apps have uses that aren’t immediately obvious, or difficult to illustrate in a photo. A video can show exactly how to use the product to its full potential; additionally, it can demonstrate alternative or offbeat ways to use the product. A how-to video doesn’t even have to feature a specific product; it can also be a brand-booster, providing tips and tricks related to the brand in general.

4. Preview New Products

When it’s time to debut a new product or preview a seasonal collection, a video is a great way to garner interest and give social followers a “sneak peek”. At only 15 seconds, your video will be just long enough to provide viewers with a taste of the new product, but still short enough to leave them wanting more.

5. Run a Contest

Facebook contests, Pinterest contests, and Twitter contests have already become a mainstay of social media marketing. Add a video contest to your marketing strategy, and let your social followers show off their amateur videography skills. Offering a desirable prize for the best video of a product being used or modeled will be a great incentive to engage your followers.

As you can see, Instagram video presents a new frontier of marketing opportunities for brands to tap into. With many affordable tools and services available, the ideas described above are feasible for brands of all sizes. Try some of these techniques, and tap into the potential of social video marketing today!



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