Facebook Changes Got You Down?

For those that live in Facebook-land, you know the pain of their platform changes when they affect Facebook Pages.

Well … here’s some great news! My virtual assistant buddy, Rebecca Thompson, has a brilliant solution. She’s developed the Fan Page Assurance program for her clients. I was so impressed with her “take the bull by the horns” approach on this very common issue I asked her to write something up for me explaining what it’s all about to share with my readers.

Rebecca says –

“The Facebook Assurance Program was started in 2010, for those small business owners who don’t have the patience, time or know-how to update their Pages.  This is a program that covers the constant  changes that Facebook does to the Pages (changing buttons, terms, allotted space for design, etc), client brand changes and content changes (it does not cover updates or the initial construction of the page).  I created this program as a way to a way to allow all business owners the opportunity to have an inexpensive way to have their Facebook Page at its best and up to date at all times.  If the owner wants a Page, that Page is constructed separately and then once it is constructed, they can then start the Facebook Assurance Program.

With the changes that Facebook has made already this year, many Assurance Program members are reaping the benefits of not having to worry, as their pages automatically will be corrected.  And with the change coming early next year of the FBML application to IFrames, those in the program will not have to worry about hiring someone at a normal fee for reconstructing their pages.  Below are some of the Pages I have constructed (some belong to the Assurance Program and some do not).”

The website is www.fantabulousfanpages.com/assurance/



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