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Document Sharing and Collaboration Comparison Chart 2011

Document Sharing and Collaboration Comparison Chart The following table compares general information for a number of popular document and file sharing/collaboration services. NOTE: Comparison chart was created based on available information and features are subject to change. Google Documents Dropbox Zoho ThinkFree Online Office Document Editor Included No Types […]

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Easy, quick, and painless blog content creation and publishing using Windows Live Writer 2011

A great tool to create, edit, and publish content for your blog If you struggle with the post/page editor in WordPress and you find yourself missing the comfort of your desktop document software, then desktop blog publishing tools may just be the answer to all your dreams.  (okay, maybe not ALL your dreams) One such […]

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Cool Find of the Week – Carbonite iPhone App for Remote File Access

Wowzers! I just discovered a very cool find for my iPhone. It’s the Carbonite iPhone app which allows me to access the online files that Carbonite has backed up from my desktop. If you’re anything like me, your iPhone is a constant companion and never more than an arms length away. The good: it allows […]

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The Overlooked Benefits of the Amazon Kindle

Amazon revolutionized the electronic book industry when it introduced the Kindle in 2007. The Kindle gets abundant praise for its near instantaneous wireless downloading of books, fast growing library of more than 350,000 books and ability to hold over 1,500 books on a device a little larger than a paperback. Besides these well known attributes, […]

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Computer Backup: Planning Ahead Is Key

What would you do if you had a complete data loss on your desktop computer? Would it bring you crashing to a stand still? For most people the answer would be yes. They do not consider their pc backup until it is too late and they have lost vital files and information that was essential […]

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Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with GoToMeeting

Here’s some great ideas taken from a recent GoToMeeting eNewsletter… Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with GoToMeeting You know how cans of soup come with recipes on the labels? Well, here are a few recipes for using GoToMeeting, straight from the Citrix Online test kitchen. 1. Hold a virtual family reunion. Unable […]

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Implementing a video library on a SharePoint site

Now, I’m not sure if this is the absolute best way to handle this, but so far it has worked great for me and others that I have set this up for. If anyone has a better idea, I am all ears. I create video tutorials using a program called Camtasia Studio. Then I produce […]

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