Authority Blogging: Five Tips for High Power Blog Posts

Once upon a time, massive archives of low quality content was the standard amongst bloggers. Blogs were monetized with Adsense and affiliate products, and what mattered was not the quality or relevancy of the content, but the amount of space which was available to plaster with Adsense advertisements and sponsor information.

Now, things are remarkably different. The vast majority of money-first, quality-later blogs have disappeared from the popular blogging world, in turn replaced with high quality blogs with a relentless focus on smart monetizing. Adsense is no longer the winning blog formula, and bloggers have taken a completely new approach to generating valuable, marketer-friendly content.

These five tips will help you make that same change — from low quality and mass quantity, to high quality and low maintenance. If you want to establish yourself as a high quality blogger, be sure to incorporate them into your plan before you start.

1. Quit caring about frequency.

Blogging frequently is not the goal. When you have a choice between mid-level daily posts and high quality weekly posts, take the second. Not only does quality survive longer as a blogging tool, but it ages much more effectively as an informational resource. While it might sound appealing to share a daily thought or reflection with your audience, most people will be much more interested in your long-term plans and high quality knowledge.

2. Do not live in the moment; live for the future.

Short-term trends and fads will always plague the blogging world, churned out by low quality bloggers looking for instant exposure and success. Ignore them. Your blog is more than just an outlet for information, it is a personal branding tool. If you are not interested or convinced by what is going on today, do not invest your time in it. Instead, invest in the future, and look for trends that have potential to grow.

3. Offer in-depth information, not speculation and rumors.

There are thousands of blogs churning out speculation and pushing rumors, and they are all virtually indistinguishable from one another. The path to blogging success isn’t built on repeat content and mindless speculation, but on concrete information and forward-thinking insight. Leave speculation to other bloggers and focus on information that’s both real and worthwhile.

4. Product pitches are gone, unless of course they’re good.

Blogger audiences, for the most part, are not stupid and will be able to see through a product or service pitch almost instantly. Not only is pitching through a blog ineffective and a poor use of time, but a major blow to your credibility should things go wrong. Think about the long-term marketing potential of your blog, and leave mindless product pitches to other bloggers.

5. Monetize through value, not through hustle.

Hustle and quick sales will only take your blog so far. Sure, you might get a couple of nice Adsense of affiliate checks, but it is unlikely to become something that works long-term. Rather than focusing on hustle and instant income, shape your blog around helping people achieve their long-term goals. When your blog is aimed at success two years down the line, your audience will stay with you, ready to buy your products and use your services.



About Andrea Kalli

Since 2007, Andrea has been helping entrepreneurs develop their business dreams through solid online marketing strategy planning, implementation, marketing, and maintenance. "Your goals are my goals. We do this together." ~Andrea


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