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Yes, content is king, but it must be relevant, timely, and well written. Any blog will suffer from a lack of well-written content; however, the effect on marketing related blogs is most problematic, since they rely so heavily on traffic generation to be successful.

Having a vested interest in your blog, you feel the pressure to produce content, but this will not make generating that content any easier.

Keyword research

Knowing what people are searching for, and exactly how they are searching for it, will allow you to optimize your efforts at content generation.

Not all search terms are equal and, in fact, many make little sense. For example, did you know that the more specific your keyword phrases the more likely the search engines are to find you?

Search Engine Optimization

All that work generating content and finding the best keywords and keyword phrases is wasted if the search engines don’t identify you. Using keywords properly to help generate traffic to your website or blog is something of an art, as well as a science. Simply writing good copy is not enough. The techniques for proper keyword placement are a learned skill, and not every writer has it.

FREE “Tweets” and FREE “Shares” included with every article

The number of tweets we include with each article will depend upon the length of the piece, but we’re thinking somewhere between three and ten tweets per article. The up-side of this for you is, you can tweet it right from your new content. Simply copy and paste the excerpt we send you…toss in your URL, and send it to Twitter.

That’s it!

SEO Writer Pro has been designed to help meet the needs of the fledgling or floundering blogger or online marketer. We have the knowledge, skills, and talent to produce copy for you which will boost your search engine rankings, generate traffic to your site, and help you build your brand identity.

Generating content, keyword research, and search engine optimization (SEO) are the keys to promoting a blog – and to creating a successful online marketing campaign. If you’re having trouble banging out content for your blog, we will generate fresh, well-written content for you. If you’re having problems figuring out how to properly use keywords and keyword phrases in your text to optimize your search results and improve your search engine ranking, we have just the tools and experience you need.

We will also include, at no extra charge, a series of excerpts from your new copy to be used as Tweets and Facebook Page posts with every article we create for you.





Special Introductory Offer

For First-time Clients Only:
Buy 5 SEO Optimized articles of up to 500 words

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Payment-in-full is due at time of order for this Special Offer
and you must supply the keywords and keyword phrases you wish us to use.

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