10 Super-Charged Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017

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10 Great Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017

how to grow your business

10 Great Ways to Grow Your Company in 2017 and Beyond

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, if you are not growing your company, you are likely losing ground. It is not enough to keep doing the same things year after year in hopes that your company will be profitable; you need to take decisive action for increased revenues. With global competitors coming online at an ever-increasing rate, there is no time like the present to double-down on growth for your company. If you want to ensure 2017 is your most profitable year yet, growth absolutely needs to be your top focus.

Consider integrating the following 10 tips into your business development strategy and watch revenues soar over the coming months:

  1. Spend time networking with a variety of groups who might potentially send business your way. Don’t just think of groups connected to your market niche; think of other industries indirectly connected to your business. The more people you can introduce to your company, the better your chances are of referrals throughout the year. When you really want to step up your game, consider turbo-boosting your reach and exposure through PR. The goal here is to regularly create pitches/articles targeted to the right media and groups to showcase your expertise. One of the best ways to grow your business is to show you are the expert.  And one way to do that is to write articles on the topics you know best and then send to those who write or blog on these topics.  It’s a great way to get in front of your target audience and start building relationships.  A great resource to have on your team is someone who is constantly going to bat for you with those who can help boost your brand and talent recognition. And what a great credibility booster as well! Diana Ennen, President of VirtualWordPublishing.com is my cheerleader of choice. Her team utilizes Cision databases so they are able to find the right editors at the right publications (i.e., media, entrepreneurs, business editors, PR publications, etc.) and it works great!
  2. Try different marketing tools. While Facebook or Twitter might be working reasonably well, you might be able to enjoy even more customer engagement if you tried audience outreach via livestreaming video or audio broadcasts. Be willing to try a wide range of customer connection interfaces to see what resonates best with your target audience. Don’t be afraid to show your personable and real self. You don’t have to be the life of the party to win big. If you relax, be authentic, and speak from the heart, you will begin to break down the barriers to greater sales – Like you. Know you. Trust you.
  3. Upgrade your product and service offering assortment. Do you have stale product items or services that rarely sell? Are there new trends within your market sector you could incorporate into your inventory? Consider connecting with global suppliers to discover new products or reworking the products you already offer. Don’t forget to include as many service and product videos to your website as you can. Taking that additional step will provide you with a bigger ROI.
  4. Revisit your current SEO strategy. Think about adding new keywords to your content marketing and video marketing plans, developing a YouTube video SEO plan, or investigating new competitors to see what keywords they are using. Search engine optimization takes ongoing effort; make this the year you focus on ranking higher across multiple search engines. That includes YouTube. Your best bet for garnering plenty of extra eyeballs on your videos is to be sure to utilize plenty of How-To topics to your campaign. Trust me…you won’t be sorry. You will reap the rewards for many YEARS.
  5. Plan your holiday marketing strategies ahead of time. Don’t wait till the beginning of February to think about your Valentine’s Day video outreach strategy. Summer sales campaigns should be developed long before hot weather hits. Christmas marketing strategies should be planned in July/August. Make a commitment to yourself to become a masterful marketing strategist this year by planning your seasonal outreach efforts far in advance. Commit to include more holiday and celebration videos in your messaging efforts. Ask me about how easy this is to implement!
  6. Commit to exceeding your previous month’s sales each month. Understand which events contributed to your monthly sales and then do whatever you can to exceed those sales totals. Increase your activity on social media, post comments on blogs related to your market, or add helpful videos to your website that inform, educate, and empower viewers. Take the time to stay in touch with your existing customers through appreciation emails and videos, and don’t forget to utilize the holidays for sending those warm keep-in-touch communications and videos.
  7. Increase your email marketing efforts. Try to increase your subscriber list by at least 10 percent each month. Promote your email newsletter more, add curated content to boost engagement rates, and upgrade the visuals you use by integrating video and custom brand marketing images. Ask your subscribers to share your email newsletter with their social networks for an added influx of new readers each month.
  8. Develop a cohesive client acquisition strategy. Investigate platforms where your preferred customer hangs out online and build a presence on those networks. Think about offline opportunities to connect with your target customer and ensure you actively participate at events where potential customers might be. Increased sales are not going to magically happen; you need to commit to client acquisition and stick with it over the long haul.
  9. Offer an anonymous feedback questionnaire to your current customers. Ask them what they like about your business and what they think you could do better. You will be amazed at the insightful comments you receive and uncover business-building ideas you would otherwise not have discovered. (Be prepared for brutal honesty, but some really valuable feedback.)
  10. Expand your revenue streams. Instead of relying on your current income streams, think about offering a course for sale on Udemy, or partnering with an expert to help you offer an exciting new service to your clients that you don’t currently have available, such as Video Servicesask me about this. If you are willing to be creative in your approach to revenue generation, your profits will increase on a continual basis.

Growing your business takes effort, planning, and implementation. And perhaps a bit of expanding your wheelhouse in terms of strategies. Is this the year you finally incorporate a few videos to your marketing messaging? Wishing for increased sales isn’t going to get you anywhere; you need to be proactive if you want a better balance sheet by the time 2018 rolls around. Incorporating the above-listed 10 tips into your growth initiative will ensure your company grows larger and your profits increase too.

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