Affordable Videos Available for Repurposing – Stock Designs

Save a bundle of money on affordable videos.

Save a bundle with videos that I can repurpose with your logo, call-to-action, and contact information. Many videos can even have more information changed to make it more customized for you. These are stock designs.

If none of the pre-done stock designs work for you, take a look at our custom video information HERE.

Affordable video repurposing price range from $75 to $175. Very affordable!

Payment is due in advance on these.

Stock Video Designs Available for Repurposing


Stock Videos for Repurposing – Grouped by Categories or Industries

Below, I’ve separated the videos into category playlists. This way you can more easily find the type of video you’re looking for. Know that there are certain demo videos being displayed that can be adapted to crossover categories by using the right text, colors, and images to reflect what you want. I’ve purposely put those videos into multiple categories because they are flexible for adaptability. Use the thumbnails to view each video full-size.

If the ending call-to-action scene doesn’t appeal to you, no problem. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll make that change.

Note: some of these are starter conceptual samples in the initial phase, and could be expanded upon.

General Stock Business Videos for Repurposing

Real Estate Agent and Travel Agent Stock Videos for Repurposing

Coaching, Real Estate, Travel, Legal, Children’s Interior Design, Health – Beauty – Dental, Dive Shop, Floral Shop, and more stock videos for Repurposing